Transit Custom Posts: A WordPress Plugin for Transit Sites

One of the remarkable things about an open data specification such as GTFS is that it finds itself in all kinds of places—from trip-planners and mapping applications to network planning software. Now, it has infiltrated website development thanks to a grant from ODOT through the Northwest Oregon Transit Alliance (NWOTA). We’re excited to announce the […]

Making transit websites accessible to all — Trillium’s report for enabling screenreader access

People who are blind or low-vision use screenreader software that reads text from web-pages aloud. This technology potentially makes the world’s information more available, but only if web-pages have been correctly formed to allow screenreaders to access their contents. Federal laws require for local government websites to be accessible to people with disabilities, and further requirements apply for entities that receive federal […]

S.F. BART interview: Making the web, social media, and the developer community work for transit

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provides approximately 375,000 passenger trips every day. Since BART operates in the S.F. Bay Area region, just north of Silicon Valley, these passengers include many technologically creative and demanding people. BART has often led the transit industry in their understanding, use of, and experimentation with online and mobile […]