Interactive Map

Riders want to understand their public transit agency.
Visuals help.

Most public transit agency websites have visualizations of their transit routes. However, it’s difficult to convey all the information that belongs in a transit agency schedule in one picture. Every agency makes trade-offs between detail and simplicity in deciding how to present their agency maps. One will choose to display a simplified image that only includes timepoints and generalized directions; it will load quickly and get the point across, but doesn’t give all the information. Another may choose to present a full system PDF showing each and every stop; it will show the rider exactly where they will travel, but will take time to load, is difficult for the user to scroll through, and is expensive to update.

Show the whole system, fast

Your riders are used to draggable, zoomable maps, similar to Google Maps. They expect that level of detail, accessibility, and accuracy from any map they find online. Trillium’s Transit Map uses OpenStreetMap and our own in-house software to instantly show your entire transit system on your website. Check out this one we customized for Sonoma County Transit.

Never worry about updates

Interactive Map pulls information directly from your GTFS data. That means when you change your GTFS, your Interactive Map updates automatically. There’s no need to hire a graphic designer each time: our software does the redesign for you.

Customize for your riders’ needs

Trillium can integrate geospatial data for landmarks, destinations, and uses important to your riders. Ideas include bike lanes and bike rack locations, park-and-ride locations, trailheads and other outdoor recreational attractions, real-time arrival information, or points of connection with other important regional services. Whatever is important to your riders can be visualized as part of your system.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map with bikes

Interactive Map with Trails