Strategic Planning

Know where you’re headed,
so riders get where they’re going.

Trillium has been around for over 10 years. We’ve seen new technologies enter the marketplace. We’ve seen some projects work and others fall flat. We can help you look forward, to make sure that the investments you make today pay dividends for years to come.

Technology project planning

Starting to use new technologies in your agency requires lots of planning, preparation, and strategizing about how to maximize the returns—and limit the downsides—of new tools. Trillium’s extensive experience in web technology for public transit agencies makes us great partners in the planning for implementation of new technologies such as GTFS data, websites, AVL systems, mobile applications, etc.

Query Logging and Analysis

If you have a trip planner on your website, you can capture the queries your riders make. Trillium can analyze this data and help you understand where your riders are coming from, where they want to go, and when they’re asking.

Website Reviews

You know your agency needs a new website, but you aren’t ready to go out to bid. That’s a good thing. That means you want to take the time to get responses that suggest the right technologies from firms that fit your culture and needs. Planning is critical to a successful launch of any technology project, and your new website will be the face of your agency online for years to come.

Trillium can help by writing an exhaustive report looking at your current website in the context of your service, your locality, your riders, and your budget. What is working now, and what needs improvement? Maybe you don’t need a new website at all; maybe a few targeted changes to your current site will accomplish your goals for a fraction of the investment. If you do need a new site, you’ll have a report that details the features it needs and prioritizes them based on the costs and benefits to you and your riders.

Custom Software Development and Hosting

Trillium has in-house development talent, but also works with a network of developers that can build you the custom tool that your riders are asking for, or that you need for your internal analysis. Trillium has led the development of software like a GTFS archiver for the Oregon DOT and a GTFS API for use by third-party app developers. We can also implement and host open-source transit software like OpenTripPlanner and OneBusAway.