Transitland, towards a more robust open-source transit software stack — interview with Drew Dara-Abrams

Transitland is opening up doors to conveniently find and use transit data (see Thomas’s earlier June 2016 Trillium blog post on Transitland). To get a full understanding of the Transitland project, its ambitions, and the opportunities it is opening, I talked with Drew Dara-Abrams (Twitter: @drewdaraabrams), head of mobility products at Mapzen. Below is the full text of our interview. Thank you, Drew, for […]

S.F. BART interview: Making the web, social media, and the developer community work for transit

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provides approximately 375,000 passenger trips every day. Since BART operates in the S.F. Bay Area region, just north of Silicon Valley, these passengers include many technologically creative and demanding people. BART has often led the transit industry in their understanding, use of, and experimentation with online and mobile […]