An Interview with Matthew Barnes and Sarah Hackett: How ODOT Uses GTFS Data for Planning & Analysis

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)’s recently released Key Transit Hub Report and Transit Network Report mark two more milestones in their utilization of GTFS data for planning, analysis, and coordination. The Key Transit Hub Report describes using GTFS data to identify “Key Transit Hubs” (KTH), defined as a transit stop or cluster of stops […]

Report: “Comparison of Essential Air Service Program to Alternative Coach Bus Service”

In November, I mused about how intercity bus service would offer a cost-effective, lower emission alternative for subsidized short-hop air travel from small cities to large nearby airports.  This air service is currently subsidized through the Essential Air Service (EAS) program. I just stumbled upon the report “Comparison of Essential Air Service Program to Alternative Coach Bus […]

An air/land transportation partnership

There is growing recognition that multi-modal travel information and booking systems benefit transportation providers and their passengers.  This may take the form of a multi-modal trip planner that helps passengers and providers more efficiently utilize available resources.  This can help to solve a costly last-mile problem. There’s a last mile to consider for air travel. […]