GTFS Manager

Evolved GTFS editing

GTFS Manager is the data editor of choice for 270 transit agencies. Since GTFS Manager’s launch as the first web-based GTFS editor in 2007, we have learned from each of our customers to provide software that is both full-featured and easy-to-use.

The foundation of transit data

GTFS defines the manner in which data for transit agencies is expressed on the internet, making transit schedules appear on websites and mobile apps. Learn more about GTFS here.

Software that makes GTFS manageable

GTFS Manager enables maintaining all data fields in GTFS, including optional fields. We designed GTFS Manager to make it easy to edit every intricacy of a GTFS dataset. Overview dashboards, search, and filter functions show the big picture. This enables an efficient workflow to drill down and make surgical edits.

See the whole picture at-a-glance. And delve into the data that matters.

People make the difference.

Support that goes above-and-beyond.

Great software is not enough. Every GTFS Manager subscription includes access to a team of knowledgeable, helpful GTFS experts by phone, screenshare, and email. When your team has a question about GTFS data, GTFS Manager, or a 3rd party application like Google Maps, our team is ready to answer it thoroughly.

Full-service GTFS editing

If you prefer to have Trillium staff make GTFS updates for you, these services are available on an hourly basis. Contact us today for a customized bid and timeline.

Data validation looks out for your riders.

One misformed attribute is a big problem for your riders (and you). That is why validation checks are built into GTFS Manager to catch common mistakes and ensure conformance with industry-accepted GTFS Best Practices.

Your data is yours. Period.

Our clients own their data & control their destiny.

Supporting interoperable data is a key principle of Trillium’s business. We never hold our customers’ data hostage. Your GTFS data can be used in a wide range of apps and software offered by other companies and organizations.