GTFS Manager

GTFS Manager is how transit agencies build and edit GTFS data.

Trillium’s GTFS Manager was the first and is now the most-used system to make, edit, and manage GTFS data in a web-based application. Nearly 100 transit agencies in the US use GTFS Manager to maintain their GTFS data. (And if you don’t want to spend the internal staff time, we’ll use GTFS Manager for you to keep your schedules up-to-date, like more than 75 agencies have us do.) Put your agency on the map.

Easy-to-use, effective, and stable GTFS builder and editor

GTFS Manager Trip Visualizer and Editor

GTFS Manager provides a simple drag-and-drop interface in which agencies can edit stop locations, reorder route paths, and alter every required feature of GTFS (as well as most of the optional features).

Data made with GTFS Manager routinely passes Google’s strict validation standards. Our system is simple and produces the right results.

As a web application stored on Trillium’s servers, GTFS Manager can be updated frequently without the need to download updates to local computers. Your agency won’t need to keep track of changes to the data standard: Trillium takes care of that, and incorporates those changes directly into the software.

Trillium supports all aspects of your GTFS data

Edit Stop location info through GTFS Manager, a GTFS editing platform

Trillium’s unlimited phone and email technical support also provides the experience and knowledge you need to work out any questions you have. Any time you need help using Trillium’s software, give us a ring or email [email protected], and your request is immediately routed to the next available support agent. We can open up a screen-share and walk you through the steps for any process you need to perform within the software.

Trillium does not only support GTFS Manager, however: Trillium fully supports your GTFS data, and how it is used by third party applications. You can publish our support line to developers and we’ll take all questions related to how we structure the data, and fix any issues found that resulted from our work. We’ll also help you publicize your data and communicate its value to your riders. We’ll provide you with a customized trip planning form that you can install on your agency website.

Want more details on how GTFS Manager works? We keep updating our support documentation at our help desk, which includes not only articles on GTFS Manager, but notes about the specification generally and current known issues affecting commonly used trip planners.

Data that works will all applications

Application interoperability is the reason GTFS exists, but many GTFS datasets don’t display consistently in all applications. Trillium-published data conforms to the GTFS Best Practices that we developed in coordination with leading consuming applications.