rome2rio – latest updates to international travel search

I’ve long admired and enjoyed using rome2rio, an impressive international travel search engine. rome2rio enables journey planning across air, ferries, intercity transit, and local transit around the world. The site uses GTFS data for public transit. rome2rio has announced improvements to their transit directions feature on their blog (excerpts and links below). Excerpt below: It’s this final leg and […]

Report: “Comparison of Essential Air Service Program to Alternative Coach Bus Service”

In November, I mused about how intercity bus service would offer a cost-effective, lower emission alternative for subsidized short-hop air travel from small cities to large nearby airports.  This air service is currently subsidized through the Essential Air Service (EAS) program. I just stumbled upon the report “Comparison of Essential Air Service Program to Alternative Coach Bus […]

Hipmunk shows rail and air travel options, hotel walkability

My new favorite travel reservations website is Hipmunk.  The site offers some features I haven’t seen in any other travel reservations site, but should be standard everywhere. When searching for “flights,” Hipmunk returns a useful long-haul transportation option that most other sites don’t show, Amtrak.  Check out the screenshot showing travel options between Seattle and Portland.  Options […]