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GTFS-Realtime Integration & Support

Service alerts, trip updates, and vehicle positions

What is GTFS-Realtime?

GTFS-Realtime is an open data specification that enables transportation agencies to provide realtime information on vehicle locations, arrival estimates, and service disruptions to the public.

GTFS-Realtime is an open data standard comprised of three files:

Why GTFS-Realtime vs. an API?

Transit data should be open and accessible and standardized, instead of siloed within a proprietary API or vendor-specific app. GTFS-Realtime allows your real time data to be accessible to any rider, anywhere, no matter what app they prefer.

Why is static GTFS important  for a GTFS-Realtime feed?

High quality GTFS data is the backbone of a GTFS-Realtime feed. Shapes, blocks, and stop times, in particular, are key reference points for accurate arrival estimates. Far from an afterthought, static GTFS is the first step in the creation of a GTFS-Realtime feed.

How can Trillium help?

Trillium’s GTFS-Realtime integration and support services ensure consistent syncing with static GTFS, and connect your trip updates and vehicle positions endpoints with third party apps for integration on those platforms. Ongoing support ensures that feeds stay live and errors or interruptions are identified and remedied, and Trillium support staff field questions from 3rd parties as they arise.

Trillium’s GTFS-Realtime integration and support services result in high quality, reliable data that save transit staff resources and time, and address issues as soon as they arise, limiting the time riders are exposed to unreliable information.