GTFS from day one

Exciting developments from Colorado, not just for public transit technology there, but for all users of Google Transit: On July 13, Bustang, a new intercity service managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation, will begin running three lines to and from Denver. Your commute from Colorado Springs or Loveland, and those long weekend trips to […]

Google Maps transit directions: select by mode, itinerary preferences

The Google Transit email group periodically has seen requests for a feature to plan rail-only trips, or to express other mode preferences.  There have also been requests for features to minimize walking distance or transfers. Now, it is possible to express these preferences for transit directions in Google Maps.  Users may click the “show options” […]

Google Transit: Intercity trip planning issues in Oregon

Many more Oregon intercity transit services have launched on Google Transit recently. These services have launched as a result of Trillium’s work for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Google Transit is beginning to include more intercity transit services.  You may have noticed the recent post about the addition of more Amtrak services.  The addition of […]