Transportation for America: Townhall meeting at Google

A few months ago, you may have noticed the “Transportation for America” badge that appeared in the sidebar of the Trillium Solutions blog. Transportation for America is a coalition advocacy effort aimed at improving US transportation policy to create equitable, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation and make cities, suburbs, and rural places safer and more livable. […]

How can transit ride America’s latest craze for change?

There are too many good stories on transportation, energy, climate change, the economy, how they are related, and how to intelligently connect them in new U.S. policies swirling around on the web to pretend to offer much of an inventory, but I thought I’d post a roundup of a few recent articles and editorials that […]

Thoughts on “Here Comes Everybody”

By now most people know about Wikipedia, the collaboratively-written encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Isn’t that great and impressive that millions of people who don’t know each other can create such a useful and comprehensive resource? There are many other powerful examples of online collaboration, and sometimes it seems as if there is an equal […]