Web Design

Transit websites are not just websites.
They’re tools for your riders.

Many websites are just marketing posters on the web. Transit websites are not. They’re more. They’re tools that your riders use to get places. Trillium specializes in designing websites for public transit agencies, and in developing and integrating the technologies that will make the biggest difference to your riders. We won’t just build you a website: we’ll give you and your riders the tools you need to get where you’re going.

Pretty is important

Attractive websites help your readers engage and improve their perception of your agency. Trillium’s developers provide the right technologies, but also have backgrounds in visual art and design, so that the website we make makes you looks good. Visitors to your website will get the information they need easily, and enjoy the experience.

We’re experts in accessibility and compliance

Transit agency websites should and often must meet a number of compliance standards. Trillium can make sure you provide the Title VI information and other links you need to notify your riders of. We’re also experts in making HTML accessible for screen-readers, the technology vision-impaired website visitors use to read text on the web.

Leverage your GTFS data

If your agency has GTFS data, Trillium has the ability to integrate that data into your website in a variety of ways to communicate with your riders and save on maintenance costs. There’s no need to remember to upload the new timetable PDFs when your timetables automatically sync with your GTFS.

Unique transit technologies at your riders’ fingertips

Trillium’s software products—like Transit Alerts and Interactive Map—can be integrated into your website to provide visualizations of your routes and to release real-time data to your riders. By partnering with Trillium on your website development, you’ll be able to take advantage of customized software that makes your website much more than just information about your agency on the web.