Mapnificent: public transport travel time maps

Stefan Wehrmeyer is the developer of Mapnificent, a site that shows how it is possible to travel on public transportation for over 20 cities throughout the world. The application interface provides a slider control to adjust maximum travel time. As the slider is adjusted, the highlighted area on the map showing travel range expands and […]

Mapping transit frequency online

Jarrett Walker at makes the case for frequent transit network maps. If you look at almost any street map, a map designed for motorists or to give people a general sense of the shape of the city, you’ll see clear signals that the lines on the map are not all equal. A Google street […]

One guide for many agencies and many modes

Today, Trillium Solutions finished creating the Humboldt County Transportation Services Guide [Download PDF].  It’s headed for the printer and bound for buses, transit centers, businesses, and social services locations next week. Before this guide, printed schedule information and maps for each agency were available separately.  That made it more difficult for passengers to plan inter-agency […]