What is Trillium doing?

Trillium’s mission is on our homepage: we make transit easier to use. Living up to that mission is the purpose of our work. We believe that more transit trips and fewer driving trips means a safer and more just world, but we also see that driving is easy while taking transit is too often tough. […]

New Walk Score “Apartment Search” feature helps people find convenient places to live

Walk Score recently announced Apartment Search.  Apartment Search is a terrifically useful new feature that helps people find a convenient place to live according to where and how they commute. Here’s how it works (from Redfin.com): To get started, visit walkscore.com/apartments and enter your work (or school) address, select your preferred mode of transportation, and tell us […]

One guide for many agencies and many modes

Today, Trillium Solutions finished creating the Humboldt County Transportation Services Guide [Download PDF].  It’s headed for the printer and bound for buses, transit centers, businesses, and social services locations next week. Before this guide, printed schedule information and maps for each agency were available separately.  That made it more difficult for passengers to plan inter-agency […]