Google Maps transit directions: select by mode, itinerary preferences

The Google Transit email group periodically has seen requests for a feature to plan rail-only trips, or to express other mode preferences.  There have also been requests for features to minimize walking distance or transfers. Now, it is possible to express these preferences for transit directions in Google Maps.  Users may click the “show options” […]

One guide for many agencies and many modes

Today, Trillium Solutions finished creating the Humboldt County Transportation Services Guide [Download PDF].  It’s headed for the printer and bound for buses, transit centers, businesses, and social services locations next week. Before this guide, printed schedule information and maps for each agency were available separately.  That made it more difficult for passengers to plan inter-agency […]

OpenTripPlanner project

TriMet, The Open Planning Project, and developers of FivePoints, OneBusAway, Graphserver, and byCycle are working on an ambitious open-source multi-modal trip planner (the project name is OpenTripPlanner). When finished, the multi-modal trip planner software will plan journeys by a combination of biking, walking, and transit in the areas where it has been implemented.  For regions […]