UC Berkeley Bear Transit schedules and multi-modal transportation map

This weekend, UC Berkeley launched new features on their Parking & Transportation website to help people use campus shuttles and bike and car parking infrastructure.

Trillium built these new features for Quiddities Dev, Inc., the firm that has produced UC Berkeley Parking & Transportations’s Drupal-powered website.  Sidenote: I met the CEO of Quiddities at a TransitCamp Bay Area in 2008.  Thanks, TransitCamp!

So, here’s some of what I think is worth sharing out of the new features.

1.) Trillium used the open-source TimeTable Publisher to create some very nice looking timetables in both vertical and horizontal layouts (for accessibility) from the Google Transit Feed Spec (GTFS) data for Bear Transit schedule and geographic information.  Thanks, TriMet, for making TimeTable Publisher free and open source!


All the timetables are linked from the Shuttle Schedules page.

2.) Again, re-using a lot of the data used for GTFS production, we delivered a multi-modal online transportation map.  The map shows all shuttle route alignments and stops for selected routes.  If the user clicks a stop, it shows all the scheduled service at the partiberkeley-map