Trinity Transit’s mountain climbing ridership

Trinity Transit, a small but smart transit agency in the mountains of Northwest California, is a great example of what strategic marketing and providing quality resources to riders can do to help increase ridership and farebox return. In 2009 Trinity participated in a Google Transit pilot for Northern California counties. The next year it expanded […]

Getting real about the utility of social media for public transit

Some consultants and advocates claim that social media is significantly transforming how transit agencies communicate with their passengers and market their services.  Social media has been a reoccurring topic in transit conference programs for several years.   Frankly, I believe the potential of social media for transit is often oversold — following a reoccurring pattern of hype […]

Good design helps us know where we are and how to get where we’re going

Trillium helps transit agencies implement understand and implement high-technology (IT) in their organizations.  But we always emphasize the role of simple technologies — good signs, print information, and thoughtful design. In the last week, two articles underscore the importance of thoughtful design for making transportation clear, and wayfinding more painless. From signs to minds — […]