Trinity Transit’s mountain climbing ridership

Lake Josephine in the Trinity Alps Wilderness
Lake Josephine in the Trinity Alps Wilderness

Trinity Transit, a small but smart transit agency in the mountains of Northwest California, is a great example of what strategic marketing and providing quality resources to riders can do to help increase ridership and farebox return.

In 2009 Trinity participated in a Google Transit pilot for Northern California counties. The next year it expanded services to Willow Creek (at increased fares) and Redding. In late 2011, Trinity expanded these same intercity services again, while pursuing a revamping of its print and online marketing including a new website.

The riders heard about these new services, and have found schedule information easily with the new online resources. Trinity’s total ridership increased 92% between FY 09/10 and FY 13/14, up to nearly 15,000 a year. Riders per service mile driven rose 10%, farebox recovery increased from 9.4% to 15.6%, and total fares collected tripled.

Trinity Transit rider loads bike on to bus
A Trinity Transit rider loads her bike on to the front of a Trinity bus.

A lot went in to this growth, most of all the work and dedication of the staff of Trinity Transit, and the support of a community that pushed for increased services.

But GTFS data and Trinity’s new website surely contributed. Trillium is proud to have spearheaded both of these projects.

Riders appreciate the clarity and convenience that quality online information offers. Trinity’s riders sure appreciate it. A 2013 survey asked Trinity riders whether they were satisfied with the service. An amazing 99% responded that it was good (10%), very good (26%), or excellent (56%).

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Thomas brings to Trillium 8 years of experience in small business consulting and management, expertise in financial analysis and modeling, and a dedication to the creation of processes that serve our clients efficiently and effectively. He specializes in project management and business process development, leading Trillium's website projects, consulting with agencies on marketing content, and integrating technology systems into agency business processes. During his tenure at Trillium since 2013, Thomas has led many of Trillium's largest projects including our statewide contracts with Massachusetts, Vermont, and Iowa. His ability to manage resources and maintain project schedules has been demonstrated in projects as diverse as multi-agency GTFS deployments focused on efficiency and cost management, as well as custom and experimental software development. By working directly with decision makers as well as client staff members, Thomas focuses on providing a project structure that ensures all stakeholders are heard and provide their input into project outcomes. Thomas grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has been biking and riding TriMet as his primary forms of transportation since age 16. He is an avid gardener, learning to love shade-tolerant plants since moving into a house surrounded by large trees. Prior to working at Trillium, he researched and designed a portfolio of private equity investments in Ghana, and developed over a hundred financial models for businesses ranging in annual revenues from $100K to $100M.