The future of transportation is in open data, not centralized control

I’ve seen this rolling around social media: the Helsinki plan to create a centralized transportation network offering truly mutli-modal trip planning and a unified payment system, accessible through a standardized smartphone application. It’s a really impressive vision. Helsinki’s plan, I think, is developed in recognition that to offer the same flexibility as single-occupancy vehicle travel, […]

Critical Transit Podcast Episode #44

Jeremy Mendelson publishes the Critical Transit blog and podcast, a journal of best practices in sustainable transportation. I was recently interviewed for Critical Transit Episode #44, “Transit Data, Marketing & Communication with Aaron Antrim”. If you have thoughts or questions, post comments here or on the Critical Transit blog and I will respond.

Public Transit at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit: “A network greater than the sum of its parts”

Public transit, cycle and pedestrian networks are often planned and managed separately.  But increasingly, communities and planning processes recognize that car-free travelers need and use various transportation modes, and that the usefulness of each mode is enhanced through coordination with other modes.  The modern transportation network and planning proces is increasingly multi-modal. I’m moderating a […]

New Walk Score “Apartment Search” feature helps people find convenient places to live

Walk Score recently announced Apartment Search.  Apartment Search is a terrifically useful new feature that helps people find a convenient place to live according to where and how they commute. Here’s how it works (from To get started, visit and enter your work (or school) address, select your preferred mode of transportation, and tell us […]