Aaron will speak at Oregon Public Transit conference

otalogo2.jpgNext week, on October 28, I’ll be speaking at the Oregon Public Transit Conference in Seaside, Oregon on how to successfully launch an agency on Google Transit and make transit schedule information easier to find and use.

I’ll be presenting an answering questions on the benefits of Google Transit, some of the technical how-to for launching (including showing WebSchedule), and how to make the most of Google Transit through community partnerships and earned media.

Other presenters on the panel will be Frank Purcell of TriMet, who will be presenting on the very exciting open source TimeTable Publisher, which can take Google Transit Feed information and create elegant print- and web-ready timetables, Jessica Wei of Google, via teleconference, and Marcy Jaffe.

If you’re in Oregon, consider attending the conference. Or, feel free to look me up, as I will be at the conference from the 27th to the 28th, and will be in Portland until November 4.

-Aaron Antrim