Public Transit at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit: “A network greater than the sum of its parts”

Public transit, cycle and pedestrian networks are often planned and managed separately.  But increasingly, communities and planning processes recognize that car-free travelers need and use various transportation modes, and that the usefulness of each mode is enhanced through coordination with other modes.  The modern transportation network and planning proces is increasingly multi-modal.

I’m moderating a session at the Oregon Active Transportation Summit (OATS) in Salem next week, on Wednesday, April 24th, on this topic.  The title of the session is “A network greater than the sum of its parts:  Public Transit + Active Transportation”.  We’ll explore the co-benefits of public transportation and active transportation, and how we can plan to maximize those benefits.

Our panelists span a range of transit and active transportation practitioners:

  • Matthew Barnes, Rural General & Transportation Options Program Coordinator, ODOT
  • Evan Corey, Transportation Planner, Nelson\Nygaard
  • Jeff Owen, Active Transportation Planner, TriMet
  • Ross Peterson, Director of Consulting Services, Ride Connection
  • Robin Phillips, Regional Transit Coordinator (Region 5), ODOT

I am so pleased that OATS is incorporating public transportation in this year’s program. I hope that we continue to see this integration happen.  In fact, I very much hope and am trying to encourage organizers of OATS and the Oregon Transit Conference to hold these conferences back-to-back and in the same city in some future year.

It is not to late to register and attend OATS.  Drop me a line if you will be at the summit.  Hope to see you there.

Aaron is the founding principal of Trillium Solutions, Inc. He brings experience that includes 12 years of web-development with 8 years in public transportation, with knowledge of fixed-route transportation, paratransit, rural transportation, and active transportation modes. Aaron is a recognized expert in developing data standards, web-application design, digital communications, and online marketing strategy. He originally developed Trillium’s GTFS Manager, and has played a key role in the development of the GTFS data specification since 2007.