Human Transit: toward aggregated information?

Recently on his blog,, Jarrett Walker suggests that agency-specific online trip planners will become less important: In the information side, I think the future is for transit agencies and transit providers to have a declining role, and for “aggregators” like Google Transit to take over.  Transit agency trip planning websites, for example, will gradually […]

Google Transit: Intercity trip planning issues in Oregon

Many more Oregon intercity transit services have launched on Google Transit recently. These services have launched as a result of Trillium’s work for the Oregon Department of Transportation. Google Transit is beginning to include more intercity transit services.  You may have noticed the recent post about the addition of more Amtrak services.  The addition of […]

Oregon intercity services in Google Transit

There are many Oregon intercity services that are live in Google Transit. These services are: Amtrak Coast Starlight Amtrak Cascades The Shuttle/SouthWest Point, Klamath Falls-Brookings Amtrak Thruway (Portland – Astoria) Amtrak Thruway (Portland – Eugene) Amtrak Thruway (Chemult) Valley Retriever (Newport) HUT Airport Shuttle Central Oregon Breeze Porter Stage Lines Tillamook County Transportation District’s Route […]