, a new transportation application directory

The folks at Front Seat, who’ve brought us WalkScore, among other great projects, have done it again.  Today, Front Seat launched


When public transportation information was added to WalkScore, FrontSeat realized they needed more open Google Transit feed data to make the feature useful in more markets.  CityGoRound makes it easier for people to find transportation applications for their area (see example of the localized search for Portland).  The website also highlights the need for open data to make these applications possible.  They recognizes and thank the agencies that provide open data (pulling this information from GTFS Data Exchange).

The project team were several hard-working transit and open data advocates: Brandon Martin-Anderson, Jehiah Czebotar, Dave Peck, Josh Livni, and Joe Hughes, who put this together in a few weeks.  The site is open source to facilitate its implementation in international markets.

Transit agencies with open data: Put a link to your localized City-Go-Round page on your agency website.  One of our clients is already planning to do this, and we’re planning to reach out to more clients to encourage them to refer their online customers to this useful resource.

You can also read about at the Headway Blog.  And there’s the Front Seat press release.