’s community webcast series

I am a fan of, a site where customers of companies and organizations can ask questions, share ideas, report problems, or give praise in a public forum. Other customers, as well as company representatives, can then answer those queries.

They’ve begun a “Community Webcast” series. I plan to attend a few and think about how this theme applies for public transit.

Their next webinar, Reducing Customer Service Support Costs by Turning to the Community, is tomorrow. Go sign up!

If you want to see an example of online community-powered support in action for transit, check out yesterday’s conversation on Humboldt Transit Authority’s unofficial GetSatisfaction forum. The discussion is about dogs and the bus. Here, riders have provided detailed information on the law, rules, and regulations. Not only is this at no cost to the agency, but providing a space for this sort of discussion may facilitate greater and broader understanding of and respect for the rules.