Coast Starlight Amtrak service on Google Transit

The Coast Starlight Amtrak service, which runs between Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California, launched on Google Transit recently.

As far as I can tell, additional other rail services, besides five regional Amtrak services already launched, have not been added to Google Transit yet.  We can expect that all Amtrak services will eventually be added.  This plan was announced in the 10 August 2009 press release from Amtrak, “Amtrak Partners with Google Transit to Offer Rail Travel as an Option for Trip Planning.”

The complete Coast Starlight route:

The Coast Starlight links many other services in Google Transit.  See this trip which includes travel across the Redding Area Bus Authority, Coast Starlight, and Porter Stage Lines:

Update (25 Sep 2010): Jarrod DellaChiesa emailed me to inform me of the Coast Starlight Communities Network‘s (CSCN) role in making this happen.  The CSCN is a coalition dedicating to protecting and improving rail service between Washington, Oregon, and California.  Jarrod and the CSCN prepared the GTFS for the Coast Starlight and worked with Google to launch the data.  Thanks you, CSCN and Jarrod!  Read more at the announcement on the blog of the Rail Passenger Association of California & Nevada.