Online store boosts transit pass sales

buy-passes-online-hta.pngSelling transit passes with an online store that accepts credit cards is a great way of making it more convenient for riders to purchase fare media, keep buses rolling on schedule (by avoiding time-consuming on-board pass sales), and even streamline ticket sales that usually happen through a retail location.

Ask Humboldt Transit Authority. So far, they’ve had a great experience with their new online store. It’s easy for everyone to use, and has helped them sell more passes. Plus, it was another great opportunity for positive press attention!

Aaron is the founding principal of Trillium Solutions, Inc. He brings experience that includes 13 years of experience in public transportation, with knowledge of fixed-route transportation, paratransit, rural transportation, and active transportation modes. Aaron is a recognized expert in developing data standards, web-application design, digital communications, and online marketing strategy. He originally developed Trillium’s GTFS Manager, and has played a key role in the development of the GTFS data specification since 2007.