Real-time arrival displays

bart-arrivals-kiosk.jpgTrillium recently collaborated with Viewpoint Geography for Bay Crossings to implement beautiful real-time “next arrival” displays for BART and SF Muni in downtown San Francisco locations.

Trillium provided the PHP application that serves up the data, and Viewpoint created a sleek, beautiful flash presentation to show the real-time data on large screen displays (see picture).

Easy to use transit information online and offline change transit experiences for the better. When passengers know exactly when the next train or bus is going to arrive, and can wait where there’s magazines or coffee, for example, the wait doesn’t feel as long. And when online information is easy-to-use, complete, and doesn’t require a lot of thinking, then new riders are a lot less intimidated by transit.

Information plays a key role in transit experiences, and as such its presentation and availability demands attention. To get inspired, see how Stamen Design envisions transportation data visualization becoming part of the architecture in the future Transbay tower.