FTA names RTS website with Google Transit “Innovative Practice for Increased Ridership”

A new website, linked to Google Transit, and featuring downloadable schedules for PDAs, iPods, and mobile phones, has been part of more than 30% year-over-year ridership boost for Redwood Transit System in Northern California.

See more features and information here, FTA: Innovative Practices for Increased Ridership.

A new bus pass program also helped boost ridership, and the new website and Google Transit pushed ridership numbers up even further, attracting great press, and helping new and potential riders to understand schedules.

Aaron is the founding principal of Trillium Solutions, Inc. He brings experience that includes 13 years of experience in public transportation, with knowledge of fixed-route transportation, paratransit, rural transportation, and active transportation modes. Aaron is a recognized expert in developing data standards, web-application design, digital communications, and online marketing strategy. He originally developed Trillium’s GTFS Manager, and has played a key role in the development of the GTFS data specification since 2007.