Draft documentation for transit schedule & information manager available

users_guide.pngOne of Transit Information Solutions’ unique service offerings is the online schedule and information manager. With just a web-browser, subscribers can log in to update their time-tables, service and holiday schedules, fares, and other information in Google Transit and on their websites. There is no new software to install, and no software update hassles, even as it is continually improved in response to client needs and requests. I am working with Transit Information Solutions’ delighted first client, Humboldt Transit Authority to create documentation that makes the schedule and information manager even easier to use. In a draft phase right now, the document is available for download as a PDF for prospective and current clients alike (click to download). Much of the tips and information included in the PDF will probably soon be offered through online help links within the schedule manager itself. Interested clients should contact me to arrange a demo of the online schedule manager.