Transit Wiki for shared notes and rapid research

Wikipedia changed what we imagine is possible in an online resource collaboratively edited by millions of volunteer subject matter experts. TransitWiki aims to become a rich library of practice and research information for public transportation. Every day, transit professionals are documenting current practice and conducting research. If more of this happened in a central resource, making it quick and easy to share information, […]

TransitDataFeeder: open source web-based GTFS creation and maintenance tool

Roughly one month ago, the source code for TransitDataFeeder was released. TransitDataFeeder is an open source web-based application for creating and maintaining data in the General Transit Feed Specification. The software aims to offer equivalent functionality to what Trillium already offers in the form of WebSchedule. However, TransitDataFeeder is different in several ways. Here’s more […]

OpenTripPlanner project

TriMet, The Open Planning Project, and developers of FivePoints, OneBusAway, Graphserver, and byCycle are working on an ambitious open-source multi-modal trip planner (the project name is OpenTripPlanner). When finished, the multi-modal trip planner software will plan journeys by a combination of biking, walking, and transit in the areas where it has been implemented.  For regions […]