GTFS from day one

Exciting developments from Colorado, not just for public transit technology there, but for all users of Google Transit:

On July 13, Bustang, a new intercity service managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation, will begin running three lines to and from Denver. Your commute from Colorado Springs or Loveland, and those long weekend trips to Vail, are about to get a lot easier.

That’s the good news for Coloradans and visitors. But there’s also good news for transit technology geeks.

For the first time we know of, a totally new public transit service will be available in Google Maps before it hits the road. Check it out: you can plan your July 13th trip from Colorado Springs to Denver right now. This isn’t just a new express line or local route from a service already live in Google Maps. This is a totally new service, and the feed went live before the service started running.

Seems to us that this is how trip planners should work–especially for great intercity routes like these. Being in Google Maps and other trip planners is a great way for the public to test out how a new service will change how they can get around. We’re looking forward to a day when every new transit service that starts up can be discovered in online trip planners before it even runs.

But for now, Colorado is the hotspot. Planning a trip there this summer? Want to see how your commute could improve? Go to Google Maps and find out now.