Great Buses: Saigon edition

I had the great pleasure of getting to take a vacation the last two weeks, travelling to Saigon to explore urban environments in a region of the world I’d never visited. No one will be surprised to hear that what I was most excited about was riding buses. And I’m here to report that I […]

Google Hotel Finder offers “hotels by travel time” feature

Mapping and travel search sites and applications increasingly seek to compete for users by offering walking and transit information. Earlier, I posted about Hipmunk, a travel search site that, among other cool things, shows heatmaps for Walk Scores and nightlife in cities to help people choose a conveniently-located hotel. Now, Google’s Hotel Finder helps travelers […]

Hipmunk shows rail and air travel options, hotel walkability

My new favorite travel reservations website is Hipmunk.  The site offers some features I haven’t seen in any other travel reservations site, but should be standard everywhere. When searching for “flights,” Hipmunk returns a useful long-haul transportation option that most other sites don’t show, Amtrak.  Check out the screenshot showing travel options between Seattle and Portland.  Options […]