Many more Amtrak services on Google Transit

Many more Amtrak services are now included in the the transit trip planner in Google Maps.  Thank you to Tom West and “orulz”, who commented on my Coast Starlight post and notified readers of the newly available services.

It’s now possible to plan a transit trip across the United States using Google Maps.  Including intercity services in the trip planner connects all the isolated service areas where it was possible to plan trips before.  It’s now possible to plan trips between many more points in the country and receive directions across local and intercity services.

Tom West inventories the services included:

It looks like many of Amtrak’s servcies are now on Google including the Californian Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Acela Express, Northeast Regional services, Adirondack, Downeaster, Keystone, Cascades, Vermonter, Auto Train, Carolinian, Capitol Ltd., Wolverine, Pere Marquette, Carbondale, Carl Sandburg and Capitol Corridor.

Already in were the Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Hiawatha Service, Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquin. You mentioned the Coast Starlight.

The ones I found missing were the Maple Leaf (odd, given the Empire Service is), Empire Builder, Sunset Limited, Atlantic Coast services, Cardinal/Hoosier State, Pennsylvanian, Lake Shore Limited, City of New Orleans, Texas Eagle, Heartland Flyer and Idaho/Washington services.

Overall, looks like about half Amtrak’s sevvices are now on Google.

It looks as if the Amtrak GTFS feed does not include shapes.txt for route alignments, so travel lines are drawn stop-to-stop.  Also, as far as I know the Amtrak GTFS has not been publicly released.  GTFS Data Exchange shows an unofficial feed for Amtrak.