Feedback on iPhone’s transit directions & maps

The Google Transit team sent out an announcement to their partners on some of the early responses to the inclusion of Google Transit in the default software for the iPhone in the 2.2 update.  I’ve been excited about the potential for easy-to-use transit information on handheld wireless devices since I started doing work with Google Transit.  It seems that presenting transit as a ready option, alongside driving and walking instructions, on one of the most popular mobile devices is changing the way people think about transit and inspiring some new riders.  Here’s the message Google sent:

Google Transit has reached a new milestone – with the new iPhone 2.2 firmware update, the iPhone puts public transportation and walking on even footing with driving directions in Google Maps for mobile (GMM).

From now on, any time an iPhone user asks for directions in an area where Google has public transit schedules, the transit route is at their fingertips. Better yet, it defaults to the last travel mode used, so someone who always takes public transportation will get transit directions by default.

This is a huge free upgrade for all the agencies who have shared their schedule data with Google (and other developers). This, along with the other transit-supporting versions of Google Maps for mobile for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian Series 60, makes it easy for an agency to get their schedule and route information into millions of pockets and purses.

Let’s see what users have said about this release:

Thank you for making your data available on Google Transit. It’s time for you to pat yourself on the shoulder, sit back, and enjoy a new group of users to access your service without you lifting a finger! As Google develops innovative products with your data, people will become more and more dependent on accessing your data from anywhere at any time. As a result, it’s imperative that we get timely updates from you in order to provide accurate information to users of your service.