Interview with Tim McHugh and Rhyan Schaub — Lessons from TriMet’s Hop Fastpass

In July of 2017, TriMet, along with C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar, launched HOP Fastpass as the Portland region’s fare payment system. Hop is an account-based regional fare system with a number of industry-leading features including: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for integrating software and components from various vendors Virtualized Fare cards (“mobile wallets”) Fare Capping The […]

Evaluation Measures: Pros and Cons of Ridership Estimates and Accessibility Indicators  

Trillium recently conducted some research for a client interested in identifying tools for transit project evaluation. This work involved surveying available tools and analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and potential usefulness to the client. Trillium researched an emerging set of tools for measuring travelers’ access to destinations (“accessibility to opportunity”). Accessibility to opportunity has been measured […]

Bike More Challenge

Trillium was excited to participate in the Street Trust’s Bike More Challenge this past month! Every May, the challenge encourages workplace teams to get out on bikes, earning points for each day and each mile ridden, and for encouraging each other along the way. As a Portland-based transportation-focused company, we consider this challenge to be […]