“Google LatLong:” Google Transit at TransITech: A year later and 500% greener

Jessica Wei, Strategic Partner Development for the Google Transit team just posted a great summary of her presentation at APTA TransITech to the Google LatLong blog.

It is amazing to witness what happened in only a year. The total number of cities for which users can plan transit trips went to over 250. In North America, the number of participating agencies went from about 20 to over 115!  Think of what that means in terms of the number of transit trips planned, of single occupant vehicle miles traveled reduced, of news reports about Google Transit launches that help people understand and appreciate transit as part of a modern 21st-century world.   I like to imagine the people who unbox their iPhone to stumble across transit directions and have their idea of public transportation changed as something that’s convenient and easy-to-use.

Of course, I love that she gives a shout out to rural Humboldt County, CA, Trillium’s first client.

Read Jessica’s whole post for a great summary of Google Transit’s progress in 2008.