Online rural transit marketing project for easy-to-use coordinated information and service

Recently, Trillium worked with Transit Marketing to revise and re-launch, a website for Delta Rides, an association of about ten transit agencies in the Mississippi Delta region.

The website includes a service map that shows transit routes rom many different providers throughout the region on one map. Clicking on a route in the legend or in the map brings the user to more agency and schedule information. What would otherwise be a complicated web of disconnected information that the transit rider has to stitch together themselves is now easier-to-navigate.

One of the useful features of this website for rural agencies is a trip calendar that shows one-time demand response trips from the different agencies. This public-facing view is a great tool for improving inter-agency coordination and improving the efficiency of transit by adding more passengers to demand-response trips. It’s like a very lightweight version of some of Goose’s fantastic ridematching and reservation software.

Aaron is the founding principal of Trillium Solutions, Inc. He brings experience that includes 12 years of web-development with 8 years in public transportation, with knowledge of fixed-route transportation, paratransit, rural transportation, and active transportation modes. Aaron is a recognized expert in developing data standards, web-application design, digital communications, and online marketing strategy. He originally developed Trillium’s GTFS Manager, and has played a key role in the development of the GTFS data specification since 2007.