“Alpha release” of the Flexible Trip Planner

In March we visited Vermont, and heard directly from the public transit agencies in the state about what their main goals for the new statewide trip planner were. We followed up in April with conversations with each agency to understand in depth the services they offer, and how they deliver those services to Vermont riders. […]

A Consortium Approach to Transit Data Interoperability

Earlier in 2016, I posted a transportation data specifications & gaps roundup on the Trillium blog. Our increasingly complicated and powerful multimodal transportation network is missing important pieces because there are not standardized agreed on data formats to describe various modes (like demand-responsive transportation) and to support various functions (like fare payment). Rocky Mountain Institute […]

GTFS and its potential around the world

The World Bank and other international development agencies have recognized the value of interoperable transportation data formats — GTFS in particular — for improving traveler information resources and transportation system planning processes around the world. The February 2015 Urban Transport and ICT Capacity Building (PDF) report is worth a read. This is Holly Krambeck‘s completion report on the World Bank’s […]