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Software Developer November 2017

Trillium, a software provider and public transit consultancy in Portland, Oregon, helps public transit agencies use technology to help their riders get where they’re going. We envision a world where people drive less, and walk, bike, take transit, and carpool more. While multi-modal in philosophy, we’re transit-focused in practice. We specialize in deploying data management and customer information tools that make it easier for riders to get on the bus, train, or ferry. Trillium is a relatively small company and we value public transit access, transportation justice, and the use of open data that supports these goals. We are looking for people who want to use their tech skills to improve communities around the world.

Job Description

We’re searching for a Software Developer to join our team. Scheduled hours are full-time but flexible, and some work can be done from home. We welcome applicants with a need to work outside of a typical 9am-5pm schedule. Space is always available at our office (located right off of Portland’s transit mall), but most of our staff work about half time from their homes.We expect all staff to be in the office on Thursday afternoons and for at least one additional 4 hour shift during regular business hours.

A typical work day for the Software Developer would include:

Here are example problems to be solved:

Preferred Qualifications

Any of the following skills will be helpful in this position. Applicants who do not have all experience are encouraged to apply. We provide training and mentoring.

Compensation and Benefits

We provide sick time, health insurance (75% paid), ability to contribute to a 401k after 12 months, and paid public transit commuter costs. Compensation depends upon experience, but the expected salary range for this position is 65k to 95k per year, with bonuses for strong performance (both personally and by the company).

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Trillium’s office is ADA accessible. We are focused on building a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you’re excited about this role, but do not meet all of the qualifications listed above, we encourage you to apply. We are committed to providing the right candidate with the on-the-job training and support necessary to be successful in this position.

To apply, send a cover letter in the body of an email, with a PDF of your resume attached, to [email protected] with the subject “Developer for public transit consultancy”.