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Data Tech/Project Manager/Consultant

About the Position

We are looking to hire an entry level data tech or a senior data tech/project manager, depending on the experience levels of applicants. This position will include a combination of the duties listed here, but has space to grow with the selected employee’s strengths and interests and will differ based on level of experience.


Required Qualifications

Other Qualifications

These are qualifications that would be beneficial to this job. However, if you are excited about the position and only meet the required qualifications, you should go ahead and apply.

Trillium values diversity and welcomes applications regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, pronouns, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, age, disability or veteran status. If you are excited about this position please apply.


This is a salary position of $42-$60k per year, depending on educational attainment and professional experience. We provide 2 weeks PTO per year, health insurance (75% paid), ability to contribute to a 401k after 12 months with employer match, catered lunch every Thursday, and paid public transit commuter costs.

Flexible Hours/Remote Work

Trillium supports a very flexible work environment. We expect employees to work approximately 40 hours/week, but timing of those hours can vary. Additionally, we expect employees to work from our downtown Portland office on Thursdays from about 11am-2pm, as needed for meetings, and for another 4 hour regular block of time that they choose.

If you are in need of a flexible schedule, (students with part-time or evening classes, parents with child care needs, etc.) we are likely able to easily accommodate.

To Apply / Questions

Email with attached files of the following:

Contact: [email protected]

This position was posted January 22, 2019. We will be accepting applications, reviewing them, and conducting interviews as qualified applicants apply.

Please feel free to email with any questions before applying. We are happy to talk with potential candidates who are invested in knowing if the position is right for them before applying.