MOOver real-time data testing

There are 3 apps we’re testing to find out which one you think works the best. Here are instructions for how to use each:

Google Maps (iOS, Android):

  • if you don’t already have it, download the Google Maps app.
  • the realtime data is in “preview” mode, so you’ll need to log in to the following google account.
  • username: [email protected] password: trythisout
  • click on a blue bus icon and then click on the route number icons that appear to see arrival times.
  • or, plan a trip and then click on the bus icon for transit direction (you have to click on the car/walk icon first if you’re currently looking at driving/walking directions.
  • numbers in green or red indicate real-time arrival estimates.

OneBusAway (Android)

  • Download the app from Google Play. There’s an iOS version too that you can try, but during the testing phase, there’s a bug that might stop it from working on your Apple device.
  • In settings, allow “experimental regions”.
  • then enter this custom API:
  • after the region loads, click on any stop for arrival information

Swiftly (iOS, Android):

  • Download Swiftly from the App Store or Google Play
  • Open up the app, and it will automatically find bus stops near you, showing arrival estimates on the front page.
  • Click any route for more information, including the location of the bus.