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Real-Time That Delivers for You and Your Riders

Trillium has partnered with Swiftly to provide affordable, next generation real-time information to our transit agency customers. Swiftly provides accurate real-time arrival predictions to your riders through the web, SMS, and mobile apps. Swiftly Insights allows you to improve your operational efficiency and service reliability.

Built on GTFS

Swiftly imports GTFS data from Trillium. GTFS-realtime is an extension to GTFS that is designed for GTFS interoperability and ease of implementation. The re-use of your existing dataset creates operational efficiency.

Open Data for Customer Apps

Swiftly produces GTFS-realtime so that real-time arrival predictions show up in the apps that riders already use and love, like Google Maps, Transit, and Moovit.

Operational Insight

Gain insights into your system’s performance with metrics, reports, and charts for your entire system, individual routes, particular vehicles, or even times of day. Historical on-time performance reports and charts allow you to quickly determine your fleet’s schedule adherence so you can easily see the trips, stops, and times of day where issues occur.

Leverage Existing GPS Hardware or Install New Equipment

Use existing GPS equipment if you have it, or install new equipment from Swiftly. Low cost GPS hardware can be connected directly to vehicles through the diagnostic port. Installation is simple and can usually be completed in less than 15 minutes per vehicle.

A Partnership Oriented Toward Customer Service

Trillium and Swiftly are both focused on making transit better with easy-to-use information, and providing high-quality customer service to our transit agency customers.

Contact us to find out more about services for real-time transit information.