GTFS Manager is the world's most used web application for maintaining GTFS data.

Transit Alerts publishes your service alerts in Google Maps using GTFS-realtime.

Show your riders the big picture in a zoomable map that updates with your GTFS.

Trillium builds rider-centric websites with responsive designs—for transit only.

Transitland, towards a more robust open-source transit software stack — interview with Drew Dara-Abrams

Transitland is opening up doors to conveniently find and use transit data (see Thomas’s earlier June 2016 Trillium blog post on Transitland). To get a full understanding of the Transitland project, its ambitions, and the opportunities it is opening, I talked with Drew Dara-Abrams (Twitter: @drewda), Transportation Geographer & Software Product Manager at Mapzen. Below is the full text of our interview. Thank you, Drew, for your time, and contributions to this impressive and important project!

Here are a few quick links to particular themes below:

What are the goals of Transitland?
What is the strategy and vision behind Transitland?
How does Transitland help support scale and make transit data more seamless?
What can we do […]