GTFS Manager is the world's most used web application for maintaining GTFS data.

Transit Alerts publishes your service alerts in Google Maps using GTFS-realtime.

Show your riders the big picture in a zoomable map that updates with your GTFS.

Trillium builds rider-centric websites with responsive designs—for transit only.

Making transit websites accessible to all — Trillium’s report for enabling screenreader access

People who are blind or low-vision use screenreader software that reads text from web-pages aloud. This technology potentially makes the world’s information more available, but only if web-pages have been correctly formed to allow screenreaders to access their contents.

Federal laws require for local government websites to be accessible to people with disabilities, and further requirements apply for entities that receive federal funding (Section 508).

Websites that are accessible to people who are sight-impaired serve all users better. As a rule, these websites are compliant with the HTML standard, the language of the web, and contain real data rather than image-only representations. What this means is that these websites […]