GTFS Manager is the world's most used web application for maintaining GTFS data.

Transit Alerts publishes your service alerts in Google Maps using GTFS-realtime.

Show your riders the big picture in a zoomable map that updates with your GTFS.

Trillium builds rider-centric websites with responsive designs—for transit only.

Transit Wiki for shared notes and rapid research

Wikipedia changed what we imagine is possible in an online resource collaboratively edited by millions of volunteer subject matter experts. TransitWiki aims to become a rich library of practice and research information for public transportation. Every day, transit professionals are documenting current practice and conducting research. If more of this happened in a central resource, making it quick and easy to share information, we could all uncover new information more quickly and avoid continual reinvention of the wheel. That’s TransitWiki.

For an example of what is in TransitWiki, check out the page on GTFS. As part of the GTFS information, Sean Barbeau and I built out a directory of GTFS-consuming applications. Check out […]