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Interactive Maps

Give riders a beautiful, zoomable map to understand transit, optimized for the web and mobile screens. Load GTFS data: Interactive Map stays up-to-date.

See the Forest.

And the Trees.


The complete picture:
build rider awareness

A map of the transit network allows potential riders to see all routes and understand the network as a whole, in a way that trip planners do not.

Each stop, in context

Riders can zoom to see transfer points and stops at their precise location. A popup box shows name, ID, and the routes that serve the stop. Streets are all editable, and stay up-to-date with data from OpenStreetMap.


Travelers want to consider multiple modes without information overload. Interactive Map helps people navigate a complex transportation network. Toggleable layers show paratransit service boundaries, bicycle infrastructure, and other mobility options.

Ready for the small screen

Today, online transit information is most o en accessed from mobile phones. Interactive Map adapts to smaller screens to give people an on-the-go map that loads quickly.

Custom for your system

Interactive Map will show what’s unique about your service area. Custom layers like hiking paths and trailheads, real-time data, and local landmarks give riders everything they need to know.

Analytics drive
smart decisions

Transit agencies need to know that technology investments deliver real value. Analytics features reveal usage data, like how many times each stop is clicked.

Add GTFS. Voilà!

All that’s needed to get started is GTFS data that is used for trip planners. Never worry about updates: change the GTFS data and the map automatically updates.

Could your agency use a map?

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