Marin Transit

New Print Brochure

For many years as Marin Transit grew, their customer information was integrated into that of Golden Gate Transit–their larger neighbor. But as local service grew in the North Bay over the last 10 years, it became clear that Marin Transit needed to create its own tools for the many riders who had become distinctively their customers.

But just how to do so was tricky–Marin Transit runs a complex system with many overlapping routes due to the region’s unique geography, and many services operated by different parties.

Trillium worked with the agency to think through the questions of just who their riders were, what print tools they needed, and how to think of that print information in the context of other agencies’ brochures and the growing amount of information online. The result was a new pamphlet that aims to provide the details riders need in a format first-time riders can figure out fast. Click on the image below to see Marin Transit’s new Summer 2016 guide.

Marin Guide pick