Branding & Print Design

Strong brands bring riders

El Dorado Transit logoA brand that fits the style of your riders and your region helps raise recognition and opinion of your agency. The more often people in your town think about your agency, the more likely they are to remember you when they need a ride.

Consider a branded bus wrap that turns a vehicle into a moving billboard for your agency: even in a small city, that bus might be seen by thousands everyday. Creating a strong brand allows opportunities like this for cheap, effective marketing.

Engage your stakeholders

Re-branding, or even just refreshing your look, requires coordination with staff, partners, and community members. Trillium works only with public transit agencies, and understands the process and protocol to help build consensus. We’ll engage onsite and online as needed. Trillium’s experience in collaborative work and project management will bring the voices together.

Print and web fit together

Your riders don’t have only one way they receive information. If they’re at their desk—they use their desktop. On the sidewalk, maybe they use their phone—or maybe they’re out of cell reception, or out of batteries, and grab a brochure. Riders don’t see the difference between tech and print. Riders use what’s available. Riders just want answers.

Good print gives answers

Trillium’s design philosophy is that rider needs come first. We identify the questions your riders have, and design tools that answer them. That means helping you plan a suite of print media that fit rider use cases, and applying the graphic design talent necessary to make that media intuitive and clear.

Image from Marin Rider's guide showing 'How to use this guide' page

Case studies

El Dorado Transit
Marin Transit