Thomas Craig

Chief Executive Officer


Thomas joined Trillium in 2013, and has served as Trillium’s CEO since 2020. He’s responsible for the direction of Trillium’s overall business and performance of its mission. He works with Trillium’s General Manager, Support Manager, and development team to provide guidance for and coordinate between the different business lines. He’s also Trillium’s lead project manager for custom and large scale software and data deployments, such as for statewide GTFS implementations, GTFS-flex data creation, and OpenTripPlanner. Thomas is a member of the OpenTripPlanner Project Leadership Committee.

Before working at Trillium, Thomas worked in the financial and business services industries, specializing in business planning, financial modeling, and process design for small and large teams. He lives in North Portland with his partner Cassidy and cats Mehitabel and Pawblo. If he’s not working, he’s probably on a bike ride or talking to the plants in his garden.


Thomas’s recent blog articles

Here’s our Equity Plan

Trillium is mission-oriented: by making transit easier to use, we encourage more people to use it and improve the experience for those who do. Like so many this year, we have also been forced to re-evaluate whether our impacts are that simple. What transit are we making easier to use? Who are we making transit […]

When transit became harder to use

This all sucks. So first off—I hope you’re well. I hope that wherever you and your family, biological and chosen, are, you’re safe. I hope you see some hope in this time. This sucks particularly for transit. Trains and buses and vans and shared transportation in general did not need social distancing, but rather a […]

A plan for TRB

Time to get on a train or plane for the annual sojourn to DC with thousands of our colleagues. TRB is a chance to set the tone for the year and I find it useful to go in with a short list of philosophical objectives to guide my approach to conversations and events. Here are […]

What is Trillium doing?

Trillium’s mission is on our homepage: we make transit easier to use. Living up to that mission is the purpose of our work. We believe that more transit trips and fewer driving trips means a safer and more just world, but we also see that driving is easy while taking transit is too often tough. […]