Thomas Craig

Thomas Craig

General Manager

Thomas joined Trillium in 2013, and has served as Trillium’s General Manager since 2017. He’s responsible for making sure that staff members and clients are on the same page about Trillium’s work, and seeing that we deliver services that make transit easier for riders to use. Thomas is the primary project manager for Trillium’s established technology consulting services, like website design and development, statewide GTFS implementations, and GTFS-flex data creation and OpenTripPlanner deployment.

Thomas’s recent blog articles

We need to do the hard work to make transit easy

Trillium’s tagline has been for years “We make transit easier to use.” The reasons for that are big. We want to change human action. We’re environmentalists, safety advocates, accessibility rights activists, social scientists that recognize transportation as critical to the provision human services, bikers, riders, and walkers dedicated to seeing fewer cars on the road…

“Alpha release” of the Flexible Trip Planner

In March we visited Vermont, and heard directly from the public transit agencies in the state about what their main goals for the new statewide trip planner were. We followed up in April with conversations with each agency to understand in depth the services they offer, and how they deliver those services to Vermont riders.…