Taylor Bailey

Chief Operating Officer

Taylor’s diverse professional background gives them experience in social media and web management, technical research and writing, print and digital marketing, and legal advocacy. They handle accounting issues, office management, and research projects in addition to being Trillium’s in-house Legal Consultant.

Taylor enjoys cooking, boxing, and petting cats. 

Taylor’s recent blog articles

Supporting our Community

Over the last couple months, Trillium and Trillium staff have made donations to the following organizations to support the invaluable work they do for our communities. We encourage others to learn about and give to these organizations, and to let us know about more we should support. Atlanta Solidarity Fund The Bail Project Black Lives […]

A bike called “Trillium”

Over the last couple of months Trillium has been making weekly donations to different local non-profit organizations. Our staff is working fully from home these days, so we opted to take the money normally spent on lunches and snacks and instead direct it into our community. Last week we made a donation to Bikes for […]

Using Checklists for Efficiency and Accuracy

Checklists are a powerful tool for ensuring reliable process and consistent outcomes. At Trillium, we use checklists to evaluate our GTFS datasets and before we push new code to our GTFS manager. This step makes sure everything is complete, accurate, and standardized. While it might sound excessive to suggest employing checklists for all projects and […]