Seth Churnside

Seth Churnside

Sales Manager

Seth’s expertise in customer service and technical support extends over 10 years of external and internal customer service. He has served clients in the real estate, health, and education sectors, but his own education is in GIS and data management. Seth ensures that our GTFS Manager clients receive immediate support. Seth’s other interests include data visualization, running, and brewing beer. He received his B.S. from Portland State University after coursework in business and informatics at Indiana University.

Seth’s recent blog articles

Car-free hiking: Taking the bus to the Columbia River Gorge

The WET Bus, short for West End Transit, is in it’s second year of providing weekend access to many of the Washington State-side outdoor activities in the Columbia Gorge. Trillium was recently asked to geocode the bus stops and create a GTFS data set for the service. I took a trip from Portland to the…

Updates to the Google Maps interface bring rider info up front

Google has shown a lot of dedication over the years to keeping the presentation of transit options in Google Maps looking current, and providing quality information in an easy to use format. Trillium is happy to say we’ve made a few suggestions that have been incorporated. The changes released today brought a lot more key…