Leeor Schweitzer

Research Associate

Leeor joined Trillium as a research associate in 2016 and has sinced moved on to another position. You can find him on LinkedIn.

Leeor applies his planning knowledge and research skills to offer background information and diversified perspectives on Trillium’s special projects. He has volunteered with numerous transportation based organizations, mostly focused on active transportation, and is always looking for ways to incorporate expanded access by foot, bike, or transit, especially to those communities that have been least well served in the past.

Leeor is currently finishing a degree in urban planning at PSU. In his spare time he advocates for increased access to biking and housing and hosts community potlucks.

Leeor’s recent blog articles

Evaluation Measures: Pros and Cons of Ridership Estimates and Accessibility Indicators  

Trillium recently conducted some research for a client interested in identifying tools for transit project evaluation. This work involved surveying available tools and analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and potential usefulness to the client. Trillium researched an emerging set of tools for measuring travelers’ access to destinations (“accessibility to opportunity”). Accessibility to opportunity has been measured […]