Kim Viernes-Allen

Sales Associate

Kim joined the Trillium team as a Sales Associate in 2020. Her experience in research and organization helps the Sales team analyze various transit audiences and demands throughout the country. Prior to that, Kim spent 13 years serving an administrative support role in the social services field, ensuring essential resources for youth in foster care and foster care providers. In previous professional lives, she has worked as a marketing writer, instructional assistant, and skills mentor. Kim is passionate about meeting the needs of underserved communities and empowering individuals through the sharing of tools and information, and is happy to participate in Trillium’s mission to deliver accessible transit standards.

Kim was born and raised on the island of Oʻahu where she spent many hours reading and daydreaming while waiting for the bus. Later, she spent some time in Northern California (ask her about the time she fell asleep on a Greyhound bus and woke up in Santa Barbara) before making a home in Portland. She enjoys exploring Oregon’s coastal and desert landscapes, including all the coffee shops, wineries, and tattoo artists that make the state special.